January has been full of a lot of changes. I glossed over some of them with this post, but there have been many others that we have been working on over the time.

Mostly we talk about our growing garden and what is happening in our lives generally. But another issue that has pervaded our lives is debt. Debt and the functioning’s of one’s own little piece of paradise do not seem to sit well with each other for me.

We have been working very hard over about fifteen years to find ways to create income and work towards ensuring a comfortable future. We started in our late twenties.

We have individually and together brought and sold several homes. We have listened to many self-proclaimed gurus and tried many, many different ways. We were persistent. Pushed ourselves and went without.

I don’t think it is out of place to mention here that neither of us drink or smoke. To me it’s a no brainer. It doesn’t make sense physically and it doesn’t make sense financially. We consume alcohol, but it is seldom. Like really seldom. And it’s usually a glass worth and mainly to mark an occasion or in a celebratory fashion. Further to this we don’t fill the shopping trolley each week with bottles of soft drink, cordial, fruit juice or packaged snack foods such as crisps, crackers breakfast cereals and the like. While I think of it, we’ve not even had breakfast cereal in our house for a long time. Our Little Fella’s have not seen boxes of cereal in our pantry.

If you’ve read any number of posts on this blog this insight on cereals may not surprise you – and we’ve done it for so long now that I don’t even think these products are available anymore until I go to the supermarket or see someone using a vending machine. It’s like a revelation – “Wow, I didn’t know you could still get that stuff!” I still remember being genuinely amazed the day, not that long ago, that I ‘discovered’ you could still get Fruit Loops and Coco Pops. It’s been off the radar for decades.

the west mond mov 26 2018
The West Australian, Monday 26th November 2018

Anyway, after much, much, much delay in getting our previous house ready for putting on the market it spent about 5 weeks as a listed property before being sold. Gratefully, for the exact price I had calculated that would abolish our debt and all the associated fees and without being pushy about it. We also – finally – settled for a very humble sum on one of Gran’s blocks of land up country. It had been like a ball and chain to Mrs PP and myself for years. Paying out rates and maintenance fees for firebreaks. Dealing with the local council and then patiently waiting for someone to pay any interest on obtaining the land. We were so very close to just writing the block off altogether when we received some very good news and within a month it was no longer our concern.

Do you know how this feels when the anchors that are slowing the ship are just cut-loose altogether? It’s a wonderful feeling. We continue to do more.

There has been much talk in the media regarding property prices and what lies ahead. I have not had the luxury or interest to pay too much attention. We bought near the peak and sold near the low, but the location was good and it was a good house with pleasant views. Initially, when we discussed selling I was looking at the possibility of actually losing money on the place, but we managed to just get enough and it will free up more time to focus on completing the tasks that lie ahead for completion here at Tillellan.


3 thoughts on “Consolidating

  1. I actually find it interesting that you mention the lack of alcohol and tobacco consumption. In my current situation, it is insulting when that comes up. My situation resulted from doing what was right in my career, and losing jobs because I would not swindle and cheat as I was expected to do. It annoys me to see those who are so much less responsible doing so much better; but that is the way of things I suppose.


    1. I have seen this too Tony. Too many times. But I know it all comes around. Perhaps not how we expect it. But what you put out comes back, as it does with others. All the strength to you for remaining true to you. J

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