January Update 2019

kings point pp

A bright, shiny, new Year.

So much has occurred. So much continues to occur. Somewhere in the middle of the month we crossed over into our first year of living here in Tillellan.

Firstly, in the garden. I have concentrated on mulching the garden beds quite thickly with the meadow hay we managed to procure at a very good price following the local Christmas pageant in December. It was used on one of the floats and the truck driver didn’t want to take it with him on the trip back out of town. I am grateful for the bulk load of bales we managed to get which was about 26, though I suspect that we will have seeds coming up through the place as well. The main issue is reserving the water we have, and making it go the distance through the dry summer yet to come. New grass shoots can be added to the mulch.

frogs sunning pp

We gained a rabbit and lost a rabbit, though we now have a buck which we can mate with our two original does. Our mange-ridden and consistently escaping doe managed to do one last little number on us and has not been seen for some time. In the current climate of her increasing health but also the increasing demise of the local rabbit population we do not anticipate her return.

We had a few days of mild showers, but our tanks are about half full and I am mindful of how water is utilised and wasted in the household.

Finally we have heard from the glazier who is yet to come and finish the work he started. He returns this week to complete the tasks remaining. We are happy about this.

Close friends from far away came and paid visits leading up to Christmas, which was really nice and a gift in itself.

Christmas itself was a quiet affair shared with family and enjoying the proximity of the park. I was happy to be able to watch the Little Fellas revel in their joy of opening gifts but I was personally troubled by the little moments of greed and jealousy that also flirted between them. This really concerned me. I have talked to them about this, but I think it is an experience a person needs to live through and experience.

I enjoyed the food that we prepared for the festive season also, but deep down I knew I had to start making changes. I was compiling a growing list of minor health issues that I could only envision taking my health and wellbeing further south is I didn’t act now. It wasn’t even a New Years resolution, though for ease of tracking it is always good to start at the beginning of a month, or year.

I have read and researched about various diets and foods for most of my life. Mostly out of mild curiosity and a desire to look after myself. I made a decision to begin implementing some of those components that I wanted to include in my life as well as those that I thought had the very best chance of being able to swiftly turn around some of my health issues.

These are starting to pay dividends. There were some fast improvements (within a matter of three days) and some that I acknowledge will take time but will compound in their benefits the longer I can maintain my new habits. There is much healing to do and I suspect much of the damage has been done over the last few years of being stressed, not sleeping well and being much too busy treading water.

As far as a time frame, I have none. I decided to take it a day at a time and here I am at the end of a month already. Ideally, I will give it a year. Over time I may write more about it and my experiences, as a way of consolidating my thoughts and the strategies I am implementing.

At the back of all of this is Grans somewhat declining health issues. This only strengthens my resolve to stay true to the new path I have taken.  A week or two before Christmas, Gran had an appointment with her Specialist. She came away with the fear of death gripping her. Usually, going by past experience, she will at least try to amend her ways for a week or so before slipping back into the normal way of things. There was none such change of behaviour this time around. In the mornings when I would draw her curtains open for the day I would see her little waste bin full of chocolate wrappers. She was binge eating on sugar.

In the last week her nightmares have surfaced again. We are starting to see a pattern with her sugar levels. At the time I was not clear on exactly what Gran’s overall health condition was, but Mrs PP had told me after the appointment in December that for someone like Gran, five years was usually the average innings. Grans done well with accomplishing eight years, but she is looking more drawn and pale in the face and I can see her doing the very same things that my Grandmother did. They dig their graves with the ‘food’ they eat. Grans liver is not in good health.

The Little Fellas are growing and as I begin to free up a little more time in comparison to  the tight, time impinging last few years, I am focussing on their learning and experiences. Their minds are opening to the world around them and in our conversations around the dinner table of an evening Mrs PP and myself endeavour to talk about family issues at a level that the Little Fellas can relate to.

For the bulk of my meals over the last month, salad and vegetables have been a major component and despite what the family might be dining on, I have stuck to fixing my own meals and steering my own course. I think it is rubbing off too. Our youngest was getting to the point where meal times were so completely stressful to me because of temper tantrums and his running hot and cold on different foods that I just was not enjoying meal time at all. We persist of course, partly because I had a goal to out-stubborn our stubborn little one and partly because I want him to understand that there is a difference between what Gran eats at our table and what we eat. He knows there is a visual, sensory difference, but I want him to understand that it also carries over to how Gran feels and acts.

Anyhow, for some reason there has been an increase in salad and vegetable consumption and a reduction in tantrums and whining. I suspect much of this is more to do with my own focus on salad preparation and consumption and getting the Little Fellas involved.

The garden is providing a bulk of seeds at the moment too. Much of January was utilised – when I had moments in the garden – to collect dry seeds, dry them further and winnow and store.

Very little rain during the month of January also. Small showers now and then, but the wind and sun really dry out the garden, especially the raised garden. The greywater has come into it’s own in this instance to keep the tomatoes, corn and beans happy.

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