October Explorations

pipe pp

In our greater backyard of Mount Adelaide and Mount Clarence, there are many walking and mountain biking tracks. It is a great area to explore with the Little Fellas who on this day accompanied me on a walk to the top of the ANZAC Memorial lookout and then skirting around Mount Adelaide and through some rather intrepid thick bush. We managed to get back onto the boardwalk, buy an ice-cream, eat it before arriving home, change into their sporting gear and arrive on time at their class all within about 45 minutes. It was a steady pace, but we managed.

King Skinks were quite a common sight along our hike. The birdlife was rather quiet, but the wildflowers were still showing themselves.

mist pp

The following day, the 10th of October, we were up early to get back up the mountain and explore the cannon placements and bunkers scattered around the mountain side. There was a thick mist which really obscured our views but created a bit of mystique to the whole experience. By the time we needed to head back home it was really only just starting to clear.


I really love the different coastline environments around here. There are rocks and boulders, pristine white sandy beaches and estuaries with lots of tidal activity. The Little Fellas had a wonderful time exploring the abandoned military sites. It was quite a detailed search and we discovered many more places that I had not known were there. Lots more exploring to be had on the mountain yet.

cannon pp




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