September Observations 2019

31st of August 2019

From our vantage point on the side of the mountain our youngest Little Fella and myself watched the changing light of the new day. This is Binalup. And from here, with the aid of our binoculars, we can see that the silvery sparkles on the waters surface near the shore are in fact whales. There was about ten or so that we could discern from the very slight disturbance on the waters surface. There were no doubt many, many more distributed around the bay and The Sound. Closer to the Cove it looked like the mother whale and her calf were still around. They have spent many weeks in the Bay. But she will leave soon, abandoning her weaning calf, and heading back to Antarctica. It was a great experience to witness the closing of winter from the mountain. We even found a pair of Wood Ducks perched high up a tree which we suspect was very close to their nesting hollow on the north side of the mountain.

into the bay pp

5th September – The garden is looking very lush and green. This is also how the Little Fellas describe it. “Our garden is very green.”

lush pp

It is amazing to observe that despite the heavy amount of earth moving that went on in the back area here, several plants which were present in the original garden have either surfaced again in their original position or elsewhere in the garden. Or BOTH!

Monday the 9th. I can hear frogs calling after such a long spell it seems. Though it has been such a mild winter with very little rainfall and beautiful, windless days there are still signs like this that the season is changing. It’s very odd. But very welcome.

frogs pp spawn

12 September – In the buckets I have under the worm farms to catch the run-off I discovered what all the noise has been about the last few nights. Bullfrog has found a new girlfriend after the last pond got re-located and the frogs all went about their own ways. By way of considerable convenience they used the bucket so I could easily re-locate the tadpoles when they emerged.

The rabbits were discovered missing today also. It’s not the first time they have escaped and I didn’t suspect any foul-doing from trespassers onto the property, but I had a really strange feeling that after the recent events – we wouldn’t see them again. Usually we would see them in the garden or jumping about the top of the property. But there was nothing. No sign. As the ensuing weeks would prove, they did not return.

Somewhere recently we also lost our last remaining Guinea Pigs. The dog next door got out and tore through the mesh of the cage. For weeks after we found their poor little carcasses strewn around the garden in the spring grass. With the disappearance of the rabbits and the clearing out of the guinea pigs, it provided the impetus to get something done about fencing. Gran and Pa never put up fences to the back neighbours of any considerable structure but it was apparent that for the future of our garden and what was planned, fences were going to be required. I made appointments to get quotes right away.

13th September – As I moved around the garden today something grabbed my attention. It pulled my awareness to something new, something in the distance. It was the first cicada I heard for the Spring! It was a happy clicking sound. Within a couple of hours, once the day had warmed up a little more, there were several starting cicadas calling. They are with us once more – and much earlier this year than ever before! Today was also the day I spotted the first Orchard Swallowtail gliding through the garden.

13 sept 19 pp

The garden is also dressed with a good cover of nasturtium from the winter. Many of the plants from the previous summer had self-sown and were now emerging again. The fruit trees, still patiently in pots have been moved next to the greywater system (blue barrel) awaiting their final move after such a long time. There is still a wait to go, but it’s closer.

By the way, I LOVE nasturtiums. They are a rampant cover that protects the garden through winter from hail and supplies and good amount of forage for bees during the winter also, along with plenty of material for the compost pile when required. They are also super easy to pull up when I need to make room – and lovely to look at.

22nd September

A very simple BBQ put together with a few recycled washing machine parts left over from the old house. Nice to have some coals and ashes to put into the compost bin, worm farm and garden beds also. Plus a little fire always does sweet potatoes really well on cooling coals.

snags pp.png

ducks pp wood

September 30th – The last week or so we have seen the emergence of the Wood Duck ducklings. As it happens, about a week after we saw similar in Perth which makes sense given the slight difference in temperatures.

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