You know when you’ve pushed yourself way too much – and there are still things that demand your attention and time and there is an urgency to things?

NOT NICE, is it?!!

So in times, between the times like this, with the odd hour here or there I try to get out into the garden to keep things ticking along there and reduce the stress. The rabbits need seeing to and fussing over. Spot needs her ears medicated. The grass is growing. Fast.

Really fast. And it needs cutting.

And there is a Bullfrog calling.

He is a whopping sized frog for our garden and he is really dark. A careful camouflage of darkness to match the murky depths of the pot pond that he has called his own. But I suspect that he is lonely. Hence the calling. He is a Motorbike Frog, so his call sounds like a motorbike off in the distance. I am not a mechanically minded fella, but I would guess that our Bullfrog is more like a Motoguzzi than a Harley Davidson.

bullfrog pp

It was a welcome sound to hear as I work away in the garden. I take it to mean he is happy and content, and as it is the beginning of the breeding season for his species I am hopeful that we might finally see some tadpoles around the place.

Usually when I am in the garden, there is always a frog to be found somewhere. They seem to like the old cardboard that is soaked through, as a hiding spot. Though they will be hard up for that now that most of it has been used in the garden beds.

The Bullfrog call eases my worries and concerns. It is somewhat meditative and pleasant and he is welcome. I prepare more corn seeds for sowing and some tomatoes. It is considerably late in the season to do this, but our autumn is usually quite warm and I am interested to see how they tolerate the later conditions.

Perhaps next year I will be more organised and I will have knee high corn by the time the Bullfrog begins to call.


Update: 28th October 2018

Our Bullfrog is not a Motorbike Frog after all. As I lay in bed early this morning I listened to the frog chorus out in the backyard and was able to discern given the call, that he is in fact – along with several others –  a Spotted-thighed Frog. They are very similar to the Motorbike Frog, but have a distinct ‘wobble’ call at the end of the motorbike sound. It’s like a playful little finish.

When I next come across one in the garden I will have to look out for the spots on the thighs.

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