Binalup – Place of Morning Light

mid beach late june

Our own little paradise is snuggled within the greater paradise of Middleton Beach, Albany and the Great Southern Region.

The Noongar people of this area of country know the Middleton Beach area as Binalup, place of first light or morning light. Being that the beach faces due east it receives the first light of day across the bay.

As part of a dual name initiative the City of Albany is recognising some of the place names of the traditional Noongar people who lived in the area. Today was the unveiling of the new ‘Middleton Beach Welcome Statement.’

gateway opening

I have to say that the weather really was fantastic. I was busy at the other house cutting branches that had fallen (again) from our tree and bringing them home to mulch. Then there were garden jobs that just couldn’t wait. It was one of those magical, bright, sunny and quite warm winter days in Albany.

mid beach entry artwork pp

Local artist Sue Codee designed the artwork with a project team of Sally Malone and Lawrence Cuthbert. It incorporates all the familiar elements of the Middleton Beach – Binalup area. Apparently “Binalup” is still to be added to the statement.

I never quite feel I’ve made the most of days like these. There is so much to do that even if I get a heap done, I seldom feel fulfilled. Just a small, personal perception on things . . .

A friend had some plants for me to pick up which I managed to fit in also – and then set about re-potting them along with some tagasaste that were getting bigger. Gradually the design is coming to fruition. I have taken the time to also write a vision for the garden to assist with the design and that is helping to clarify a few of the finer points. More on that later.

There are some big projects that lay ahead for spring and summer which are going to require some pre-planning. So it helps that on a day like today I can talk to the Grey Fantail and pat the rabbits and harvest a bunch of parsley and chives to go with dinner, look at Mrs PP as she stands reflecting on things in the garden and think,

‘It’s coming together. It’s gradually coming together – and it’s going to be good. Be patient. Plan ahead, but smell the jonquils.’

garden july pp
Seeking the order from the chaos.


3 thoughts on “Binalup – Place of Morning Light

  1. That would be confusing to know a town by two names. Many of the names of our towns were shortened from cumbersomely long Mexican names. Los Gatos was La Rinconada de los Gatos. San Jose was San Jose de Guadalupe. Beverly Hills (in the Los Angeles Region) just went ahead and got a whole new name because it used to be Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas, (which was already shortened), which is just too much. The older Spanish names and the newer American names are not so awkward. However, almost all of the names that would have predated the arrival of the Spanish are lost. Mount Umunhum to the south of the Santa Clara Valley is the only name that I can think of locally. It is the resting place of the hummingbird.


    1. The Resting Place of the Hummingbird – I like it. I can understand the attraction to shortening names. Our current dualistic naming project is so far limited to only Suburb names and prominent geological features.

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