November Rains & Seed Saving

I approached the garden gingerly this morning.

There was a lot I wanted to do and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. Mrs PP was searching the garden for flowers that weren’t rain damaged after the previous few days. It would normally be the Albany Agricultural Show weekend and this year, though it had been cancelled, there was a last minute attempt to at least hold something of a Spring Fair.

As the day progressed it became hot, then humid. I cut seed heads to hang under the verandah to finish off. I surveyed the lower garden and cleared some items away to get a better idea of what is going to be required over the next couple of weeks.

Radish and Brassica seeds hanging to finish drying under cover.

I have high expectations of what I want to achieve in the garden as summer comes closer, but the reality is I just have to keep things progressing, no matter how small the task is. Some days I inch further, some days its a couple of feet.

By the end of daylight I had really made a grand mess of the patio area and had cleared the area where the hothouse will go and already had a pile of coffee rock relocated from the berm to where they will now be used to create a concrete and rock base as a heat sink for the hothouse.

Using the coffee rock ticks a couple of solutions for me. It gets rid of the rock into a useful form that will be both a heat sink plus a small retaining wall. It will also seal off the rock which has a tendency to get choked up with grass roots and/or ant nests. In doing so I also remove the rocks from the berm which will now gradually move soil down the slope once further retainers are up and create a whole new area for the eventual forest and pond system.

So by the afternoon I stood to take in the moment briefly before heading inside to get dinner on the table and this was the view as the sun went down and the clouds rolled in.

With sun and rain the vegetable garden is lush and green.

One thought on “November Rains & Seed Saving

  1. Radishes? I grew them for the first time this year, because I did not expect them to like the climate. They did reasonably well. Yet, Some were left and went to seed. I did not think of collecting the seed, both because seed is cheap, but also because I do not know if they are true to type. Really though, even if they are not true to type, I would not mind some variety. I should save some of the seed before I put out the new batch of vegetables. Heck, they have been out there so long, that they are in season again. (Radishes are for spring and autumn here.)


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