Filling the Bioreactor

I was out in the garden early this morning. 5 am.

The Cuckoo shrike was about as were Purple-crowned Lorikeets wheeling about high in the sky while the gums are blooming.

As I stood on a ladder to get a shot of the garden a magpie flew in at close range and sat on the roof top. Wattlebirds were busy catching insects and turtledoves were courting up on the neighbour’s shed.

I weeded the front garden a little and made preparations for finishing the bioreactor compost bin. Just after 10am I was starting to fill it. I could not believe the volume of green waste it took. I had two large piles of material, plus cardboard boxes, egg cartons, some biochar, scrap paper and a little sheep manure. It took it all, which substantially cleaned up the patio area so I can begin working on the rabbit hutch and other projects. I also managed to trim branches from the wattles up the back and mulch them, which also fit into the composter. I even grabbed some branches from the vacant block nearby where neighbours had dumped tree branches. These got mulched up also.

The day was really quite warm and as I filled the compost bin up I was surrounded by insects of all varieties. Blue-banded bees, hoverflies, bees, Diadegma wasps, flies and march flies. I’m not sure why they were attracted, perhaps it was the smell of the freshly mulched parsley stalks.

With warmer weather on the way I made sure to give the garden a good water early in the day and in the afternoon.

The last few days of hotter temperatures has boosted the growth on the tomatoes. Many are now flowering and some even have fruit forming – mainly the plants that over-wintered. The beans are flowering, though the snake beans are incredibly slow to grow for some reason. I’ll watch to see what the hotter days do with them.

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