Lockdown at le Petit Paradis

Lockdown. I really dislike that term. A great deal. I have much disdain for it. I am mindful of the words we use to paint our world. This is also not so much of a Lockdown as a very inconvenient thing. I've witnessed proper Lockdowns. The home schooling here continues. And guess what? It's now … Continue reading Lockdown at le Petit Paradis

A Matter of Distance & Why it Matters

As told in a previous post, we are now home schooling our boys. So when I'm tasked to teach about distance and measurement I take the opportunity to make it real. I have been designing and building our chicken yard recently and in the eleventh hour I made an alteration to the design as you … Continue reading A Matter of Distance & Why it Matters

The Destruction of Home Making

I have been progressively working on building up the garden. We have been here just over two years and the local wildlife have come to evolve with the changes in the garden. The King skinks are well fed and undisturbed by the neighbour who has 'retired' from trappin and relocating them. They are breeding and … Continue reading The Destruction of Home Making

Macrozamia riedlei

Google Maps won't show you a birds eye view of the bushland that was once Joondalup. What is today a northern suburbs metropolis of Perth, was once coastal woodland quite typical of the Swan Coastal Plain. This is how I know I'm getting older. There is however a set of photos of Joondalup to give … Continue reading Macrozamia riedlei