Lockdown at le Petit Paradis

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I really dislike that term. A great deal. I have much disdain for it.

I am mindful of the words we use to paint our world. This is also not so much of a Lockdown as a very inconvenient thing. I’ve witnessed proper Lockdowns.

The home schooling here continues. And guess what? It’s now school holidays! Shhhhhhh! Little by little we keep the momentum. It has slowed, but it hasn’t stopped.

And despite the current circumstances, with the very, very meagre amount of news media I allow myself to be subject to, our state and our region are doing well in keeping cases low.

Ironically, in some respects, our Little Fellas have never been so free in their little lives. We have instead turned to re-inventing our little paradise as something of a Safe Harbour for our family. After all, this is not a Lockdown. This is a golden opportunity to get outside and exercise. To walk along the near deserted beach or ride a bike along favourite paths or tracks.

While the world is in turmoil and embracing a Lockdown mentality, we are creating a safe harbour for our family to consolidate and regenerate. I prefer this context to the current situation.

This is a time for consolidation and regeneration.

There are so many ways we can do this.
  • We are taking daily walks to some extent. Long or short.
  • Practicing meditation.
  • Spending time hiking and observing nature.
  • Tidying up our living space.
  • Getting paperwork in order.
  •  Tending to the garden.
  • Playing card games.
  • Doing artwork.
  • Music practice.
  • Developing cooking skills and recipes
  • Getting rid of further stuff we really don’t need.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Maintaining tools and equipment.
  • Assisting the neighbours.
  • Bike rides around the park. Or quick jogs.
  • Clearing out cupboards.
  • Preserving foods in various ways.

We are fortunate enough to have spaces we can get out into without too much interference and we are very grateful for this. We realise others do not have such abilities at the moment.

But in my world, this is not a Lockdown. This will be The Great Consolidation.
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