Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse

bumpy pp

At the very best of times, I am a self-confessed recluse. When Mrs PP asked me what are some of the things I miss after being ‘in Lockdown‘, I could truthfully answer with “Not much.”

But here’s the background story to that brief answer.

Over the years since our Little Fellas have been around I have gradually cut the moorings on community boards, community group projects, a whole host of hobbies, on-line groups (Community based, Facebook – I don’t even do Twitter or whatever else has come into existence) and a lot of fun stuff really.

What remained was:

  • Gardening – not so much a hobby as a means to an end for improved nutrition and reduced costs. I have recently dedicated a great deal more time to the garden as I’ve been putting structures in place, moving dirt and creating swales. It is a ways and means to contribute to our health and the health of our locality and planet.
  • Exercise – troublesome, in that it is challenging to fit it in amongst the rest of life. I have been known to do push-ups while at the stove cooking dinner and in the office at work. Wherever I can find 5 minutes. Over the last 12 months this has expanded – mainly due to swapping blogging time for exercising time.
  • Work
  • Blogging/writingEven writing this blog has its periods of frenzy and then weeks of off-line hibernation. If the compulsion or impulse to record or write stuff is not there, or I just don’t wish to be near a computer, it doesn’t happen. I have to have something to say, really. More often than not it is like therapy!
  • Research – I am still very keen on researching nutrition, health, exercise, gardening and whatever issue appears to be the hidden topic that I can see will impact my family in the years or decades to come.
  • Erasing – getting rid of stuff. My stuff and others stuff. The biggest, meanest, digester of my time has without a doubt been getting rid of my Mother-in-laws stuff.

Added to this short list over the last couple of years has been meditation as a tool for dealing with the extra stressors that have crept into my life and various breathing practices, also as a tool for relaxing and routinely done in conjunction with exercise. Meditation and breathing have become imperative to me. I don’t drink or smoke and my socialising is limited also. So meditation and breathing methods have become essential as sometimes the stress has been quite high and my usual outlets to let off steam are creative in nature and really didn’t work that well. For example, music or drawing. I had to find other tools that worked and that I could do anytime.

As mentioned above, I also love researching and reading. But reading has become something of a luxury. Instead I have caught up with the vast number of books I have been wishing to read by turning to audiobooks. This has worked well. I can listen on commutes to work, whilst out in the garden or doing menial stuff around the house.

So, I missed seeing friends and family. But I loved the simplicity of fewer, if any carers coming to the house to visit Gran (not good for Gran however) and less shopping and going out for the sake of going out. Plus the benefits of home schooling for a brief moment in time.

  • Posted on the 9th of November 2020. Written around early April.

2 thoughts on “Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse

  1. Ha ha I identify so much with the “not much” impact of lockdown, but being a bit rural we were fortunate not to be locked down than severely. I reckon the home schooling improved a lot of family bonding and relationships. And shouldn’t music/guitar on your list? 🙂


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