Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

miso pp

Well, I guess there are a hundred different versions of miso.

This one was made from a stock of vegetable scraps and some bones from dinner. Carrots and celery chopped finely. Perhaps the last of the celery that we will see for a while given the incredible price hike it has received recently. I have a plant in the garden coming along. We will wait. The planet is in a self-imposed slow food movement anyway.

Some brown rice was cooked really well in the strained broth so that it became swollen and full. A good amount of miso paste and some tamari. Salt and pepper if required.

I served it to the family for breakfast after a jog and sprint around the park with the Little Fellas. We are in training for the Long Distance run for school. But it is good training anyway and makes for a decent bit of activity before school activities.

Half a boiled egg sits aloft the soft vegetable and rice mix surrounded by a moat of rich broth. Speckled with chopped chives from the garden it is a nice start to the autumn day.

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