Message in a Bottle

I am grateful for our little paradise. In order to 'comply' with the medical directives of my employer whilst also respecting my own future health and responsibilities as a husband and father, I have not been permitted to attend work. Therefore, I have not been getting paid. For some time now as it happens. There … Continue reading Message in a Bottle

Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse

At the very best of times, I am a self-confessed recluse. When Mrs PP asked me what are some of the things I miss after being 'in Lockdown', I could truthfully answer with "Not much." But here's the background story to that brief answer. Over the years since our Little Fellas have been around I … Continue reading Ramblings from a Self-Confessed Recluse

Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

Well, I guess there are a hundred different versions of miso. This one was made from a stock of vegetable scraps and some bones from dinner. Carrots and celery chopped finely. Perhaps the last of the celery that we will see for a while given the incredible price hike it has received recently. I have … Continue reading Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

Lessons from Our First Week of Home Schooling

Gran - despite her robust diet of packaged meals, meat pies, toast & jam, dry biscuits and Promite, fizzy drinks, milk chocolates and prescription medicine - still has a fairly tenuous grip on life. Especially after her near dead experience last November. Grans health (and a society gradually contracting as a form of risk management … Continue reading Lessons from Our First Week of Home Schooling