Turtle Eggs

We have had more turtle adventures. This afternoon in amongst birthday festivities we had two approach our house from the park. We were alerted to the first turtle by a vehicle stopping outside our house to make sure it crossed the road safely. At this point there was already a turtle up by our bins. … Continue reading Turtle Eggs

A Turtle in Our Backyard!

  I took a call at the office today from Mrs PP. She had a 'problem'. The Little Fellas had got home from school and discovered a turtle in our backyard area. I posted about the turtles nesting this time of the year recently - here. It is possible that the turtle had wandered up … Continue reading A Turtle in Our Backyard!

37 Shades of Red Geraniums

There is a geranium cutting staring at me from a jam jar of water near the kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, and this yellowing, leaf-dropping, cutting is crying out to be planted in the garden. GeRANiums. Gran loves them. Much. So there is usually a cutting, or a clipping, or an uprooted bit of … Continue reading 37 Shades of Red Geraniums


You know when you've pushed yourself way too much - and there are still things that demand your attention and time and there is an urgency to things? NOT NICE, is it?!! So in times, between the times like this, with the odd hour here or there I try to get out into the garden … Continue reading Bullfrog

Green Manure Seed Trial

This is either a man, outstanding in his field, or a man out standing in his field. Quite possibly it is neither as this is a little crop of green manure plants that I have been growing out, and a small crop at that. Definitely not a fields worth. Over the weeks though they have … Continue reading Green Manure Seed Trial