37 Shades of Red Geraniums

There is a geranium cutting staring at me from a jam jar of water near the kitchen sink. I'm doing the dishes, and this yellowing, leaf-dropping, cutting is crying out to be planted in the garden. GeRANiums. Gran loves them. Much. So there is usually a cutting, or a clipping, or an uprooted bit of … Continue reading 37 Shades of Red Geraniums


You know when you've pushed yourself way too much - and there are still things that demand your attention and time and there is an urgency to things? NOT NICE, is it?!! So in times, between the times like this, with the odd hour here or there I try to get out into the garden … Continue reading Bullfrog

Green Manure Seed Trial

This is either a man, outstanding in his field, or a man out standing in his field. Quite possibly it is neither as this is a little crop of green manure plants that I have been growing out, and a small crop at that. Definitely not a fields worth. Over the weeks though they have … Continue reading Green Manure Seed Trial

Frog Pools in the Garden

Recently we shifted our small bowls and pool bowls into the vegetable garden to encourage the local frog population into the garden itself. We visited the local pond to collect some gambusia or Mosquito fish. These are an introduced species which we regularly catch to put into our small pools so that any mosquito larvae … Continue reading Frog Pools in the Garden

Keeping Up Appearances

A quick review of the lunar calendar suggests that I am better to sow seeds into the garden beginning this weekend. Ok. What's a few more days . . . In the meantime there has been no rest. I have tidied up the front yard so that 'weed' seeds don't got wandering too far into … Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances