Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

Well, I guess there are a hundred different versions of miso. This one was made from a stock of vegetable scraps and some bones from dinner. Carrots and celery chopped finely. Perhaps the last of the celery that we will see for a while given the incredible price hike it has received recently. I have … Continue reading Petit Paradis – Soup de Jour – Miso

The First Trees are Planted

Yesterday I planted out our first trees. There was no pomp and ceremony. Not loudly anyway. I carted up several loads of sandy soil and dumped them on the growing swale at the top of the slope. I filled up several more and left them by the swale. I gathered the soaked cardboard, the composted … Continue reading The First Trees are Planted

Beer & Tattoos

I don't have any tattoos. I contemplated getting a henna tattoo once while traveling in the United States to try it out, but when I looked around - it seemed that everyone had one. It lost the uniqueness that made it semi-attractive. Now, decades following, I have no regrets. But I liked the designs and … Continue reading Beer & Tattoos