Today we sold a second rabbit buck. It is nice to meet others that come out of the wood work when you have things for sale or for swapping and there is something so genuine and just so ‘down to earth’ about the exchange. In stark contrast I do not feel so at ease in a supermarket.

Our latest edition to the rabbit family has grown so quickly that Blackberry and the new little kit will need to be moved out of their nursery home soon and into a larger area. Time has moved quickly it seems these past weeks.

We took a quick look at the house renovation today. Carpenters and tiler busy at work. The laundry floor has been done. Additional floorboards will be put down soon. The concertina windows and doors are in and the front door has been reinstated into its new location.

We are – amongst many, many other things – looking into what kind of finish we wish to have on the floorboards. So many popular, regular finishes are highly troublesome to a healthy way of living that we really don’t include them as even a consideration. Hence we are looking at more natural stains and oil finishes. It’s proving a challenge, but we’ll get there I’m sure.

My thoughts are now moving to some of the final bits of work required on the renovation and the steadily dwindling finances. The family is also very ready to move, or at least, that is my perception. My days however are usually fully booked well in advance so there is little time to dedicate to spending time at the renovation. My main focus for the more immediate future is to begin the construction of a mound garden so that we begin the process of converting waste products into a good soil base for the spring/summer vegetable garden.  I do love a bit of soil alchemy.

Every week this month I am aiming at creating more and more space by reducing the clutter of stuff from our shed so that the move is quite easy and simple. This process has been so very slow and impeded by many different reasons and circumstances. My wife was telling a friend a bit about this recently and said that effectively there has been about four houses worth of stuff to deal with. This includes our own of course. I really hadn’t stopped to calculate it, but it feels right.

I am also putting my attention on the kind of aims I have in mind for the new garden. What kind of performance do I want from it? What kind of energy? Level of maintenance?

I know that one of the main aims is to lower the inputs. With our current home/garden we have been required to buy in some of our feed. Particularly for chickens and rabbits at this time of the year and with more mouths to feed in bunny-ville. I will be looking at ways to reduce this input at the new location. This is just one example of what I am hoping to achieve.

Another is to focus on rotational crops. Not something I have been able to do very well in our smaller garden and with limited time. This is one of the pivotal areas I will be concentrating on so that we significantly reduce our fresh food spending.


We are missing the summer salads.



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