Petit Paradis – Compost Worms

In many respects, life at our current Petit Paradis started with Compost Worms. We started our garden by initially burying food scraps directly into the sand and introducing some compost worms which we brought over from our previous residence.

Worms pThe worms quickly digested this organic matter into soil humus. This in turn introduced more of a balance of bacteria and fungi into the newly created soil and along with the addition of further organic materials such as mulch, the garden started to be able to support a greater diversity. In our case, primarily vegetables and greens in the early version of the garden.

To my way of thinking, compost worms are fundamental to a backyard garden. Most everything else is built up and around having these creatures present in the garden or composting areas.

They work in a symbiotic relationship with the soil microbes and at the very basic level are all that you need to get your soil creation process to step up a level from the process of simple composting.

With the necessity to begin the new garden approaching quickly I have been preparing plenty of bulk materials to form a giant mound garden and am eager to release hundreds of our wormy friends into the feeding frenzy that will be the foundation for our soil creation process.

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