Poulet Poulet


Isn’t she lovely? Our little chick chooks are growing up fast and their typical Barnevelder plumage is just starting to creep in. They will be beside themselves when we move them to the new garden.

These little ladies will have an ample work load when they finally make it to Tillellan. In the meantime they have been scratching up a party in the backyard and really having a good bug hunt in the garden. The advantage of these chickens, so I am told by Mrs PP, is that the chicks are easily sexed at a young age. This being the case, the three tall standing Emu-like creatures among them are probably future roosters. It’s a heads up I guess.

2 thoughts on “Poulet Poulet

  1. Three! I always feel bad for the roosters. There was one in our neighborhood that kept getting sent to new homes because it was so loud. I really can’t imagine it being ‘that’ much of a bother. I would think that there would be other rooster issues to worry about than noise.


    1. Yes, there certainly are. The main disturbance around our place in the suburbs is not really a noisy chicken 2 or 3 times in the morning but the incessant barking and barking of dogs, either through the day or through the night.

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