Backyard Birdlife – Perch & Trap

perch trap petit paradis


From previous years observations I have noticed that there is a tendency for the Flycatchers to be on the move and more active in places where perhaps they are not at other times of the year. This usually means more frequent visits into urban gardens. We’ve had the Grey Fantails around and the Willy Wagtails.

Both are keen to fly onto any available bit of timber or vantage point to fly off and chase insects. They are fun to watch and often swoop and glide quite close to those working in the garden.

For this reason I’m led to believe they were not always welcome by the indigenous tribes as these mischievous little birds would often give up the presence of hiding hunters to nearby animals.

2 thoughts on “Backyard Birdlife – Perch & Trap

  1. How naughty! Exposing undercover hunters.
    The state bird of Oklahoma is a scissor tailed flycatcher, although unlikely to be related to a bird in Australia.


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