Keeping Up Appearances

cape daisies pp

A quick review of the lunar calendar suggests that I am better to sow seeds into the garden beginning this weekend. Ok. What’s a few more days . . .

In the meantime there has been no rest. I have tidied up the front yard so that ‘weed’ seeds don’t got wandering too far into the neighbours garden and it keeps the house looking neat. The backyard . . .  well, that’s another story, but it’s getting there.

After all, tomorrow is bin day. And this week is green waste collection time so what better way to celebrate than to fill up bags and bags of green waste and put them in our back garden! I am hoping to form a garden bed that will see the summer months through and provide a nice crop of corn. I have waited so long for enough room to plant a decent patch of corn and though the garden is not quite ‘ready’, I dare not miss the opportunity to at least obtain some fresh seed and hopefully have a little left over for some popping corn for the Little Fellas.

The first time I made a batch of popcorn from our own home grown popcorn I really wasn’t expecting it to be as different as it was. It was a vibrant white when it popped. Most of it actually popped rather than having the usual left over kernels that just sit there and threaten to pop when you least expect it. It was crispy and light and not at all chewy. Magnificent. Much like the first time I tried organic oats. THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

So the magnificent show of Capeweed on the front ‘lawn’ got decimated today to make way for a less lumpy lawn area and a decent crop of corn.  It has been a few weeks since the trailer got sold and I had some time today before it threatens to rain. Maybe. Perhaps.

willow pp

Over the last month I have watched the willow tree at the park break out into its new growth for the Spring. Such a vibrant green. The other trees are gradually doing the same. Even our little persimmon tree. 🙂

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