Robinson Crusoe, Friday & Butternut Pumpkin

It was Tuesday night. In all the rush to get dinner on the table I was serving it before I realised that there was pretty much nothing that Gran was going to eat. It was CHICKEN and VEGETABLES. And our Gran doesn’t do vegetables.

I wasn’t so sure about the Butternut pumpkin (Squash) though.

“Sorry Gran, I’ve put the bread there because there isn’t much else. Do you eat Butternut?”

“Yes.” said Gran a little vaguely.

Mrs PP knew this wasn’t the case. So asked the question LOUDER.

“Do you eat Butternut Mum?”

“It’s Friday night!? Is it?” Gran said, a little confused.

Dinner time in our house is amusing. No, Gran doesn’t eat Butternut.


blue skies
Blue skies, new mulch and compost bins brimming with goodness!

Anyway, today is Friday and swimming through the chaos, as we do, we have arrived relatively unscathed, at another end of another week. Mrs PP has been quite a bit out of action due to a badly injured foot and I have found the juggle between being Dad and also being Dad who makes sure things are getting done inside and outside the house – a little challenging. Some days I have changed my clothing up to four times. The switching between dirty work clothes and my clean, respectable, pick up the boys from school clothes and not look like I’m a street bum – has proven tricky.

It is the transition between living in suburbia and also having the added responsibilities of maintaining the house and keeping the garden and ‘urban farming’ side of things ticking along as smoothly as possible. It’s just that, it’s very difficult. Especially when the Mrs is not fully capable of helping out.

Anyway. Friday. Here we are.

Top of the list was getting some clean entry areas back so that there is easy access for Gran to get into and out of the house. Actually, so that there is easy access for anybody into the house! Also, filling the beloved utility vehicle with more stuff to distribute to various places around town. A friend called by to look over some relics and took some away to care and look after. With another friend we managed to do a little bartering too which is always nice.

And up until yesterday I was feeling a little Robin Crusoe (alone and stranded) about my position as chief male in the household. So Mrs PP and I had a much needed meeting and got some extra things chugging through the tunnel of progression. So, despite the relative incapacity incurred on Mrs PP’s behalf, we are getting some things sorted.

The back area was tidied up considerably today and the front entry is looking good. After yesterdays effort out the front we are overall looking a little more organised.

pp j oct 2018

And so, hold onto your Butternuts pumpkins, here is a rare photographic appearance of yours truly in the garden today with Blackberry and the mini-crop of barley oats and field peas.

In a few years time I anticipate that the land in the background will look considerably different!




4 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe, Friday & Butternut Pumpkin

  1. Ha! Street bum!
    Those who read my garden column in local newspapers tend to get their own ideas of who I am. It rarely fits who I really am. I sometimes need to get acquainted with myself.


  2. Ha ha you made me laugh with this one “The switching between dirty work clothes and my clean, respectable, pick up the boys from school clothes…”! I’ve had more than one occasion where I’m busy working in dirty garden clothes and madamme call like 5 minutes before school pickup “I’m running late, can you pick up the kids?” where there is no time to change and still be on time – then I just embarrass the kids and hope it doesn’t scar them later in life 🙂
    The barley and field peas are looking good!


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