Mrs PP Strikes

heart leaved
Ceropegia woodii or String of Hearts

On Wednesday, Mrs PP was looking for a particular indoor plant which retails for about $15 – $20 a pot in the nurseries. She found one for $5 on a local trading site and was very pleased with herself. She innocently went out to pick it up whilst on her errands.

After a while, I get the call.

“I’ve bought all of the plants here. She needs to get rid of them. Can you bring the ute?”

I did as I was asked. To my amazement and overwhelm it was not only the back of her vehicle that was full of plants but I only just managed to safely fit the rest of the pots into the back of the ute and the passenger seat. Sadly, the seller was not well enough to care for her beloved plants anymore and her husband was not a ‘plant person’.

Stunned, I filled the ute as Mrs PP dashed off to complete her errands. It wasn’t until I got to unpacking the pots at home that I fully grasped the magnitude of it all. There were lots of pots. Lots of pots of plants that were going to need caring for and loving. There were also some really nice pots as well.

I think Mrs PP has an inside jungle in mind. Personally, though I like the idea, the practicality of it all is going to have me thinking things over before we get around to re-potting some of the least happier of the plants and get them back into form.

Gran took one look at them all lined up like soldiers on the deck.

“What are you going to do with them all?”

“Good question!” I said.


To be continued . . .


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4 thoughts on “Mrs PP Strikes

    1. I have repotted many of the plants now and placed them in spots that are favourable to the plants nature. It is nice having a collection of plants inside the house and also a collection of hanging baskets out on the back verandah which will be nice once the plants begin to grow back after having been neglected for a bit.

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