Gardens of the Mind

summer garden Flora Pilkington

This garden reminds me of an English Garden I once knew. It was a walled Victorian garden near Stonehenge, UK. I arrived at the height of summer and would pick sweet pea flowers for the hotel restaurant. To this day the scent of sweet peas reminds me of an English summer. Sometimes I would sit up in the apple tree, shaded, content – and listen to the sounds of the garden around me. The bumble bees. The blackbirds and wood pigeons. Wonderful memories of living my childhood fantasies as most of the natural history books that intrigued me were either English or American.

After seeing some of the sweet peas at the Albany Show and being just a little disappointed that the flowers on my own are not perfumed, I plan to remedy the situation and have ordered several different scented varieties suited to being cut flowers for the kitchen table.

The bright, perfumed flowers inside the walled garden with the subdued greens of the outer garden area framing it. I love it.

I am also wishing to add more flowers to the garden. I am not totally concerned about whether they are edible or bare edible parts to the plant. Sometimes the artist in me just likes to have that splash of colour. The other reason is that our native bees are quite attracted to the various flowers and I figure that if there is plenty of food to go around then the honeys bees and the native bees should be able to all get a decent feed from our garden.

I am still painting visions in my mind as to how the finished garden here will look. It is continually evolving around me as I nurture plants and obtain different varieties. Time will tell.

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