Child of Bullfrog, Moving on & Beeswax


bulffrog jnr 2 pp

I was mulching some wattle branches and Brazilian Pepper tree out the back when I spied this little fella sitting on a rhubarb leaf. Quite happy to sit very still while I moved busily around chopping and mulching branches. It sat quite placidly like a little green buddha.

This is one of the children of Bullfrog from last year. It was one of the last to finally turn into a frog and there are two of them down close to the house in our salad gardens and forest nursery.

The nights are cooling now as autumn approaches. The days have been overcast and warm with patches of bright sunshine. I have managed to get up a sweat as I have been working in the garden, excavating sand to finally start the next phase of the garden development by installing the green house and chook yard.

My plan was to sort out our garage for the first few days so that I knew what resources I actually had on hand for building. My father-in-law left a veritable salvage yards worth of nails and screws and small hand tools. Totally overwhelming to me was the task of sorting it out. I am getting closer and will have tool boxes for myself and the two little fellas. A mixed and handy inheritance from the men in our family who have gone before, patched up houses and turned their hands, hearts and minds to creating things.

Mrs PP was missing her dad today and called into his café to have a coffee and think of him. We don’t drink coffee much so it was a moment to reflect on her dad and return home buzzing and ready to get on with the afternoons tasks!

We’ve reinstated one of the old, wooden tables from the old farm house as Gran’s jig-saw table and it’s so much better and nicer than the other tables we’ve had. We got it dusted down and gave it a going over with beeswax polish and its come up really nice.

Soon I think the frogs will start calling again as they anticipate the rains coming. I will work steadily on transforming our garden into something closer to resembling the masterpiece I have in my mind. We will enjoy the cooling of the nights and the brightness of the days and we will sip pine needle, rosemary and licorice tea in the afternoon and delight in the scent of fresh beeswax polish on the wooden table that no doubt carries many stories with it.

bullfrog jnr pp


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