Sweet Little Creature

Something was not right with our eldest child this morning. He was impish and naughty and totally off his trolley. Just not right. Out of sorts. Out of control. It was about an hour before school and I had just decided to tidy up the pantry in an effort to plan for future meals when … Continue reading Sweet Little Creature

Non-Cereal Breakfasts @ Petit Paradis

Things have been pretty busy. Nothing new there. Just more of it. Busyness that is. So I'm handing over this post to Mrs PP. I love a good solid breakfast. I realise not everyone does, but the petit paradis family agrees with me. What I find hard some mornings is the thought of actually preparing … Continue reading Non-Cereal Breakfasts @ Petit Paradis

Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

October 2017 - Nyoongar season of Kambarang 22nd - Watercress in the waterways is flowering abundantly. Vine Moth are active around the grape vines. 24th - Tiny, tiny parasitic wasps observed on the Walking Stick Cabbage that is in flower. I didn't check it for caterpillars, but this is usually a sign that they are … Continue reading Seasonal Observations for Oct:2017

Spring Cleaning

So we're two thirds through Spring and after being out of action for a few days I was ready to set a new course. I wasn't sure how to articulate this to the rest of the family, so I just started to do it anyway. I guess you could say it was a bit of … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

The Re-Invention of Real Food

My generation - Gen-X - and subsequent generations have been raised eating food from a can, a glass jar, a packet of powder mixed up and microwaved. Or from various fast food outlets and some that pretend not to be fast food outlets. When you see this stuff as a kid it becomes a part … Continue reading The Re-Invention of Real Food