Winter Solstice 2017

I was up early yesterday – as is usual – and managed to see the most glorious sunrise as I entered work with a crescent moon and star shinning brightly through the dark purple clouds.

The day was sunny and bright and by around 5.30 pm was starting to darken up. There was quite a nice crisp chill to the evening. Meanwhile…

star and moon petitparadis

At the renovation site things were all go and Mrs Petit Paradis managed to get some photos of the site during the winter solstice. The good news is that the sunlight is not impeded in any real way from covering the roof. There is temporary shade on some areas of the roof from the gables only.

There were numerous tradesman on site with the renderer, painter, plumber and the carpentry crew all busy. Even the earthworks guy was on site back-filling the retaining wall.

Despite the long-term planning that has gone into this project we still had not definitely decided upon an exterior colour scheme. A little consultation between Mrs PP and the contract painter and we were much closer in making that decision from our short list.IMG_20170528_152935



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