June Happenings

The Stirling Ranges – early morning sunrise has been like this the last week or more.

The garden has had to take care of itself the last couple of weeks – and it has done quite well. Animals have still required feeding and caring for of course and I’ve had to water a couple of times because, although we have had cool, damp nights – we’ve had some fairly warm,  sunny days and the soil has dried out quite a lot.


We are still harvesting cherry tomatoes which is amazing. We have also acquired a new chicken from a friend who wished to relieve her hen from getting too hen pecked and abused. She is still separated to have some time out but is in the chook yard to get the others familiar to her.

I’ve grown these tomatoes for a couple of years now. They are prolific and high growing.


The rabbits have grown really well and have taken to their Pa Prof Hutch. We’ve had two feisty little ones continue to get out through the wire. Eventually I sorted this out and they have remained with Luna and their siblings. Whilst they were out they ravaged the greens in the garden. Now that they have been contained I will be planting out the back bed for some winter greens.  All in good time.

Luna and her young basking and eating – their favourite activities!


The rest of the garden will slowly be packed up in anticipation of starting to move items across to the new block.

We have enjoyed a small harvest of tamarillos over autumn and the usual gathering of fresh greens. I’ve not had time to keep the mini raised gardens in order so they have had weeds grown through them. Some of these weeds we harvest to eat, grasses are tossed onto the path for the guinea pigs and the rest to the chooks.

Pumpkin vines are still tolerating the night chill and have even started to fruit again. Over at the renovation site the apricot tree has thrown out new growth.

We spent some time there recently cleaning up the front yard area ready for a consolidated effort on getting the front exterior of the house seen to. This involved adding blueboard over the new structure and replacing the bay window. This is hopefully one of the last ‘surprises’. It was not very stable given that the down pipe was open and delivering water to the ground around the base of the supports – which in such a situation, basically just rotted the wood.

Female & male King Skinks carefully removed from our clean up of the site. Just like the local magpies we have seen generations of them around Tillellan. Skinks usually live under the house.


So the window was rebuilt and we’ve been told that the last three weeks has been sorting out the last of the remedial work.

Mid-week the crane came back for a visit once again. This time to pour concrete into the cavity of remainder of the retaining wall. The crew had braced the wall at the start of the week and it was a good thing they did as apparently the top pushed out 20mm under the strain of the volume of the mass filling it.

Today we spent a bit of time cleaning up the yard at our house, tending to the rabbits and doing a little weeding. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We took photos of the rabbits and chickens and I topped up the worm farms with willow leaves collected from the park.


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