The Pa Prof. Memorial Rabbit Hutch

petit paradis rabbitsThis rabbit hutch was made with items from my late father-in-laws garage. The bed base came from the house and was going to get thrown out, but was salvaged for this intended end purpose. So it seems only fitting that it becomes the Pa Prof Memorial Rabbit Hutch. After some initial breaches of security with baby rabbits getting out and into the garden, Mrs Petit Paradis managed to lovingly weave some extra wire into the lower areas and reacquaint Luna with her young kits.petitparadispaprof

This hutch is a giant structure in our little paradise of a garden. But it is intended for the new garden and will be shifted once there is room enough to establish it, following the last of the earthworks. In the meantime we can give Luna and the kits some extra space to move and make it a little easier to get the bulk loads of feed to them that they will be requiring. They are already noticeably consuming more and more feed. The kits are currently four weeks of age.

A note here on my observations of permaculture and the ‘hobby’ of salvaging materials. “We” love to hoard stuff us permies. There are some grandiose hoarders among us. There are cautions and caveats that are required though I think, and I offer these from my own experience.

If you are salvaging something, what is the intended purpose or result you desire?

Do you have the means (tools, time, ability, resources) to have this intention come to fruition?

What is the timeline for the completion of the project?

Do you have the space to store the items? This is where I fell foul of the ever-increasing amount of materials being removed from both houses. I had a place to put most of it and I had an eventual dead-line, but I didn’t have the time to store it properly and stuff has a way of un-organising itself and becoming much more problematic than originally intended.

This is the space in which we find ourselves currently. The difference between the stored and the hoarded. Stored items are gradually being constructed into projects for the new house. Hoarded items will continue to be recycled or repurposed, otherwise they will go elsewhere (tip shop, compost, sold..).

There is a limit to how much stuff can be stored before it becomes so much of an overwhelming burden to deal with that it simply doesn’t get dealt with. I’ve rubbed up against this and I am certain that this is the predicament that my father-in-law encountered and succumbed to. Both on and off the farm. Nothing has to go to waste unnecessarily, it’s just that its home might not be at your home. If you think it is useful, others probably will also. As we have found, there is a multitude of ways to find someone to make use of such items. This is called the “My Crap can be Your Crap Game” and it can work synergistically and beautifully  like cogs in a clock or planetary machinations.

Gumtree, Facebook, ebay, paying it forward, community gardens, men’s sheds, neighbourhood centres, charity stores and auctions are some of the many avenues for distribution. And even the curb side collection provided your local council isn’t offended by recycling.

Please, those permaculture enthusiasts amongst you, stockpile that cardboard, salvage the timber and wire and storage tubs. The resources you will use to create with. But please be cautioned about the fine line between hoarding and storing. It lies in the intended purpose and your ability to carry it through to completion.


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