Current Occurences

IMG_9869.JPGPatience has done me well, the Kang Kong is coming up after quite some weeks. I’m not sure if the delay is normal or whether the conditions were not quite right. Perhaps they just needed the latest burst of sun and heat to kick them off. I planted four seeds and three are pushing up.

Our female rabbit, Luna, does not appear to be pregnant. And she looks leaner. So we are a little puzzled as to what is going on. I’ve checked the nest and there does not appear to be any kits. Meanwhile, Ben has managed to get out of his cage so he has ended up in the large hutch with Blackberry, the four delinquent guinea pigs and a quail. Hopefully he does not mind the frog calling from underneath the hutch either.IMG_9864.JPG

Splendid Wrens could be heard close to the garden today. We have them visit both gardens, though it is usually spring and summer that they visit petit paradis.

The tagasaste are starting to form new leaves beyond their cotyledon leaves. Soon they will be forming into little trees. Exciting.

A bit of bartering resulted in some heirloom tomato seedlings which was nice. We traded some pepino plants and got a Pink Bumblebee, Pink Ponderosa, Stupice and Siberian tomato seedling. This is great, because the new garden is ready for them and the few seeds that I have sown have been slow to grow. In the new garden however, tomato seedlings have already come up on their own from the compost.IMG_9865.JPG

I have also just about cleared our garden out. Most of the plants have been relocated to the new site. Whilst getting it ready I have been taking cuttings of Tamarillo, Pepino, Mulberry and Rosemary to get extra plants ready for the transition. The chooks have had a great time digging and scratching, although with the current wild winds they did spend a considerable part of the day sheltered deep under the Wormwood bush where it was calm. When I heard we’d had up to 100 kilometre winds (62 miles), I could understand their reasoning. The winds continue for now, interspersed with rain showers. Our newly relocated bantam has a little shelter over her as she sits on the Barnevelder eggs.

The washing machine was also on the blink but this got sorted thanks to Google. Turned out the filter and pipes were a bit sandy. Plus there was a hairpin. Bound to cause trouble. Thankfully it was just a bit of time and not money. Phew!

I’ve also been updating our list of changes, so keep an eye on it.



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