What on Earth is it?

I’ve finished the Mud Room. But I don’t think its a Mud Room or a Utility Room.

We’ve got the preserving jars in it (stored) and our seeds (stored) and some frozen goods (stored) – so maybe it’s just a Store Room.

Although that seems a little bland, but it has a practical element to it. But it surely must be deserving of something a little more in context with the house and its uses.

mudroom pp

I snuck off to take an afternoon nap. Or rather, to catch up on a lack of sleep. But that didn’t work so well, so I came back out to finish off revealing the back verandah which has been covered in black plastic to protect it during the last stages of the renovation. I’ve kept it down until the last room was finished and happily removed it today. Hooray!

pp verandah

Gradually, ever so gradually, the place is progressing. Even as I pulled out the nails and timber holding the plastic down it felt like a small accomplishment. With any luck the decking will cut down on the sand near the back door as it can disappear between the panels.

Note the recently delivered fruit trees awaiting their turn for a bit of attention!

So, Mud Room?

Utility Room?

Store Room?

Room of Possibilities?

Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “What on Earth is it?

  1. Why not call it what is was, it still reflects it’s use to some degree and respects the past “The Maid’s Room”


  2. Not ‘mud room’. Maybe okay for you, but too much of a fad for me. We have little need for mud rooms in our chaparral part of California, but they became trendy. Something else we lack here are basements. There are a few of them in old houses, but they are not popular. However, I don’t think that fits either, since it is not downstairs. My ‘basement’ was the backside of the garage. What about ‘service porch’? The old house in Beverly Hills had one, where all the utility meters were, and people used to come by to drop off dairy products, mail, produce, firewood, you know, anything that did not come in through the front door.


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