Fashion – Your Future Depends on Wool!

Don’t mind the title, I’m not going to run the risk of transforming into a fashion blog.

But I thought we should post on some of the stuff we’ve been uncovering. We’ve been quite overwhelmed by the amount of it and to be honest it has it hasn’t been much fun. As in . . .

Not Much Fun.

Now and then we get stopped and are forced, for a moment, to take a pause of appreciation for whatever item or object we’ve ‘discovered’. Here are a couple of those moments. This advert was probably from newsprint found inside a drawer.

7th April, 1960 – The Wagin Argus & Arthur, Dumbleyung, Lake Grace Express

cardy ad pp

Though not quite ‘John Brown’, and a little tricky to get on despite my willowy figure, this vest pictured below – once on – fit just right. For all intents and purposes, from what we can ascertain, we assume the vest was made for Ernest Henry Absolon who was the first son of John Demansfield Absolon and Sarah Bowles Habgood. Ernest was born in what was then known as the Swan River Colony. He married later in life to Agnes Harper Watson in a double wedding on the eve of the new Commonwealth of Australia.

Agnes had a sister named Ruby who married her fiancée Austin Piesse in the same double wedding. The connection here is that Ruby and Austin built and owned the house Tillellan which we now call home.

The vest itself is nearly 118 years old, riddled with moth holes and smells like it’s been stored in the Arc of the Covenant for safe keeping. But how magnificently it was put together. It’s surprisingly heavy for its appearance and just lifts my work attire to a new level.

vest pp
How to make work attire look a million bucks. Grunge look for the New Millenium gardener.

Not sure what the locals thought of the verandah fashion show . . .

magpie pp
This Magpie wasn’t sure what to make of the impromptu fashion display.


2 thoughts on “Fashion – Your Future Depends on Wool!

  1. I found this to be amusing only because I wear a tie that belonged to my great grandfather. He did not wear ties enough to wear it out. It happens to be quite stylish after all these decades, and if anyone thinks otherwise, I do not care. If I am going to wear a tie, I am going to enjoy it!


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