J’aime la saison d’automne!

As we’ve mentioned before – we love the season of Autumn in Albany. We also like the change of the seasons as one shifts into another. Sometimes subtly, sometimes sudden.

calm beach

Albany is a place of contrast. Often visitors tell us, it’s just like Melbourne. Or they exclaim, it’s four seasons in one day! This is all quite true, and is why we love Autumn in Albany. Cold crisp mornings turn into hot, sunny afternoons, and by dinner time it’s back in doors to escape the evening chill.

fishing stuff pp

As the season shifts, we are also moving some of the back log of stuff. This is the hidden stuff, that we thought we might hold onto for a later time. Well the time has come.

Poppy has been helping us sort out the good and the bad, for quite a long time now. And now we have fishing gear ready to go. What does that mean? Well, it means we can take the Little Fellas off for an adventure to catch a “real fish”. As opposed to a fish fresh from the shop.

Fresh apples and pears, and late season plums can be found at the farmers market. The promise of taking the last of the green house tomatoes home to make the extra few bottles of passata and relish. Oh – and apple chutney from windfall apples, a true Autumn delight.



The best bit about Autumn in Albany? The sunny days with balmy weather, the sort of clear blue sky day where we are caught in the lullaby that anything is possible. And indeed it is if you believe.

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