Family, Feet & Friends

legs pp

Gran requested a family photo for Christmas – to send to friends and family. Unfortunately for Gran, these things need a bit of planning and getting everyone together at the same time with a little bit of coordinating of attire. Plus getting the Little Fellas done and dusted and ready for the event is like herding cats. So all of this hasn’t left much time at all. Still, we got there. Hooray for Gran!

So being the private individual that I am I have opted to crop our photo for this blog post – and I’ve got to say that it actually captures our personalities rather well. Who’d have thought?

The local Christmas Carols were cancelled this year due to inclement weather. Not so good for Mrs PP and the Little Fellas, but a whole bunch of awesomeness for Bullfrog and his harem.

It’s also been a big month for myself. A visit from a best mate recently and another best mate arriving real soon. With another due to drop in again next year. Very exciting stuff for someone who has found himself in a very isolated city with good friends dotted anywhere between 400 kms to 15, 000 kms away. It goes without saying that it’s a long time between visits. Fleeting visits at that.

With the wet weather disappearing for a while, we may actually have some wholesome, summery weather for the Christmas and New Year break. Here’s hoping.

ps. Today I sowed more zucchini seeds, daikon radish, and planted out the popping corn seedlings. I’ve tried two lots of corn so far without success and then had fantastic results with my own Red Aztec corn and Popping Corn which I started off in vermi-compost. The growth was phenomenal and I nearly didn’t get them in the ground soon enough before they got completely root bound!

We also added goldfish to our menagerie today. More on that later.

One thought on “Family, Feet & Friends

  1. Interesting that your vermicompost works so well for the seedlings – I’m definitely going to try that, as our seedlings sprout OK and then stagnate, so I reckon the compost in the seedling mix doesn’t have enough “food” in it. .Does that come out of your own worm farm?


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