Winter Hits

Spoiler Alert:

I wrote this post and then realised that some readers may jump to conclusions. So just to set things straight this is NOT a post featuring such chilly hit songs as A Hazy Shade of Winter, The Ice of Boston, Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow or Snowblind.

So let us continue, and you pick your own soundtrack to read by.

Winter hit us. Finally.

In the first week of August the weather forecasts were a pretty good indication that we were going to be delivered some real winter weather for the year.

We’ve had a well developed low pressure system hugging the Great Australian Bight which has brought some persistent rain, regular hail showers and snow to the Stirling Ranges.

august weather map

Still, we also had some amazingly sunny days as well. Now, with August coming to a close and the first of Spring arriving tomorrow there are some changes occurring.

The leaves have finally left the trees at the park and in the last week have revealed the tiny new buds of green. The Willow Tree in the park is picking up pace and bursting with new leaf growth. It is noticeable from our house now.

The green manure patch in the vegetable garden has gained in height. Spot, one of our rabbits has been running amok in the backyard and back street for a week or so. She has moved down into the garden to be with the other rabbits. On several occasions we have almost caught her. This afternoon she stood ‘frozen’ on her back haunches behind a Walking Stick Cabbage as though she thought she could not be seen. A little difficult for a mostly white rabbit.

The days are also starting to lighten up a little earlier which is nice. The wattles are blooming in full force, the soil is starting to liven up a little more.

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