fish rock pp

I am born under the star sign of Pisces.

At a sub-conscious depth it is as though this zodiac has only ever deemed me fit for feeding fish, rather than catching them myself.

I am changing this.

I have been quizzing local fisherman on the ways of securing a decent catch. Preferably from land, with a small line and with little disappointment.

On the Labor Day holiday the Little Fellas and I took off on our expedition. A short walk, just a little over a kilometre from our front door. It was early morning and the sea was calm. Tranquil. Aside from the excitement of the Little Fellas whom had recently been gifted their own fishing rods. The more lines in the water, I figured, the better the odds.

“Daddy, I’m hungry.”

The usual mantra in our house-hold.

“This is the plan. Lines in the water first, then food. They’ll be plenty of time to eat, but the fish feed first!”

And they did. Each boy caught their own fish. A herring, a whiting and a bonus catch of a Skippy or Silver Trevally. I didn’t catch a thing. But I was happy with the boy’s effort.

Within about two hours we headed back, taking a break by the beach for me to swim. I met a work colleague who offered me a quick try of his diving mask and snorkel to witness the phenomena of fish congregating along the shark net. As the net has become home to various seaweeds and aquatic plant life, it has in turn attracted schools of decent sized fish which shelter and feed along its curving wall. Herring and whiting were tranquilly resting along the net just an arms length from me as I casually drifted along observing them. It was amazing.

With the mornings experiences under our belts we journeyed home to cook our catch for brunch. The tide is finally changing.


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