The Hands-On Harvest

autumn harvest pp

In our garden, the pumpkins are being harvested. We had about ten or so small pumpkins and a couple of larger ones. The smaller size is ideal for our family. The tomatoes are coming along well too. I have grown some of the best tomatoes I’ve ever grown this year. A combination I think of heritage breeds, guinea pig/rabbit manure, pea hay and home made seaweed fertiliser. Plus a really decent, sunny location. Mrs PP has been refining her relish making skills.

I’ve also harvested a reasonable quantity of Windsor Long Pod bean seeds and cabbage and rocket seeds. Plus various flowers. Gradually, after the sporadic years of crops during moves and renovations, I am replacing old seed with fresh seed.

As work progresses on the paving of the back area near the house I have started to look into designing the next stage of the garden a little more earnestly and creatively.

Some of the next projects will be structures. Decent, customised housing for the guinea pigs and rabbits first off. We’ve made do with second hand hutches and after trialling a few different set ups and designs I am going for probably the most simplistic design as it will work in well with the Little Fellas having access for feeding the g-pigs, will be easy to build and will enable them the freedom they need whilst directly manuring the garden bed. I’m sure I’ll post about this as the projects get underway.

Our frog population is exploding. The tadpoles are turning to froglets and leaving the waters. I am happy for them. They make the most excellent creatures in the garden, keeping a low profile during the day and foraging during the evenings.

I wait in anticipation for the turtle eggs to hatch. I have moved the tub to a safe location where it is exposed to the elements, namely the sun and rain.

Soon the corn will be drying off and harvested

One thought on “The Hands-On Harvest

  1. Do frog help with the insect pathogens in the garden? It seems to me that they would be interested in the insects that bother people more than those that bother the garden, but I do not know frogs. What do turtles do?


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