Edge of the Land


Though our garden is sheltered by trees, houses, vegetation and a mountain, we live at the edge of the land. The landscape is exposed and wild. Coastal winds bring with them an array of weather patterns depending on the season or the oceans whims. Today started off overcast due to a cool night and a bushfire to the northwest that brought smoke. By mid-morning it was quite warm, and the gentle but cool breeze was welcome. By early afternoon there was a light rain shower, before it became fine once again for the afternoon.

I cleared a further patch of the raised garden bed, ready for seedlings and salad greens. I have a list of projects ahead of me: completing the trellis above our retaining wall, building a new rabbit hutch and setting up container gardens on the newly completed patio area. These were going to be containers for an aquaponic set-up (though they originally had plants in them at a shopping centre). After talking to a friend today who has witnessed changes in local fish species over just shy of 60 odd years in this area, to western coast species (warmer water species) well, I’m planting bananas. The area here is warming and the natural world around us has been adapting for much longer than I think we give it credit for.

I actually have bananas planted anyway and have had real success with them despite our southern exposure. Being on the coast and with a good northerly aspect I am continuing with the plantings of bananas, and by putting them on our patio area they will have the sun, shelter and warmth from the retaining wall to keep them happy.

It also gives me two large tubs to fill with ‘waste’ as I complete projects and clear vegetation from the upper garden prior to tackling other up and coming projects.

I will post with the progress. Adieu.


About Petit Paradis

I am on a journey with my family to transition as closely as practicable to a state of self-reliance in suburbia. I practice permaculture principles in our house, garden and community. We are on the southern coast of Western Australia. To our north is the rest of the world. To the south, Antarctica.
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3 Responses to Edge of the Land

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Don’t bananas look tattered in such exposure? Those that I see on the coast in Southern California are not much to look at.


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