Captured Observations

Some observations I really wanted to put down in writing today, before it becomes tomorrow…

There are more cicadas calling now. It makes me happy to hear them. The big, green crickets have started calling too. I’m sorry, but BIG, GREEN CRICKET is about as scientifically-speechified as I can be at the moment. I’ll update this when I find a suitable name for them. It will not be Charlie Cricket, I promise.

Instant Update: Thanks to Esperance Fauna for the info – Elephantodeta nobilis – Noble Bush Katydid. Gives a tropical sound to the back garden.

Diamondback Moths are wide-spread and in big numbers.

The Tamarillo is flowering. I have taken cuttings and will report their success or failure when either occurs.

The Tagasaste seedlings are thriving. I have not sprouted any further seed. Just making a gap in time. Now and then some disappear or have the tops chewed off them. I am not sure what creature of the night is doing this, but this creature needs to sleep. So good luck to them. I’ll battle on with safety in numbers as my chief battle plan strategy.

Neighbours. Bless their organic cotton socks, were out in numbers also today – mowing lawns and tending to little pockets of garden here and there. I did a walk around the block this afternoon to exercise Master J and I was delighted to see that quite a few houses have vegetables growing amongst their gardens. I saw a couple of square feet of garlic growing. Some mini-raised garden beds being lovingly tended. The odd fruit tree netted to keep the fruit safe.

Down at Lake Seppings this morning there were 3 young Musk Duck. Further out in the depths an adult male was calling and courting.


The Vine Moths are visiting our grape vine on the deck and no doubt laying their eggs already. The grape flowers are still developing and most of the leaves are still young and tender.

During our afternoon walk I saw some Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike. I got the feeling that they have been nesting. I have seen them nest in different trees over the years. Usually the same type of tree.

Now that it is dark outside, I can hear bats circling around. It was quite a hot day today. Fine. Humid. Hazy. There is probably a flurry of insect life in the night air tonight.

A bushfire burns in the distance. I watched a great billowing cloud of unusually white smoke rising into the sky after dinner tonight. Catching the last bit of sunlight as the sun went down in the west.



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