Tourist Trap

hail ppI often wonder what residents of Perth or visitors to Albany, Western Australia, make of our weather.

We have had some really wonderful weather recently. Yesterday had the intensity of a summers day, but with the freshness in the air of Spring day.

It was one of those days when the garden is just happily humming.

In the late afternoon I strolled through it taking note of what was happening, what is coming and checking on the animals. I picked a bunch of salad greens for dinner and watered in new seedlings of Bok Choy and herbs.

During the night however, things went ‘south’ pretty quick. I awoke to hear the happy falling  of rain on the tin roof and fell back into probably the best sleep I’ve had in a long, long, long, long, long time.

During the day we had patches of rain, hail, glimmers of sunshine and a repeat of it all again with the addition of a very loud bit of thunder above the house mid-afternoon, followed by hail the size of small marbles. During the morning I took a photo (above) of our staircase after a brief hail storm of smaller ice. Most of the hail we get is small, so the larger pieces this afternoon were somewhat an anomaly.

Weather like this has me wondering if we are in for an early winter this year. There is a chill in the air. It is nice to have rain come and top up the tanks. The airport reported about 30 ml of rain.

So given that it is Easter and we are bound to get tourists visiting for the Easter break, they’ve really copped a change in the weather! Hence, the stigma ensues, that ‘Albany is a wet, dreary coastal town on the south coast’.

Even now there is the tinkly ‘clang’ of little bits of hail falling on the roof, then it abruptly stops. Some disrupted galahs call from their tree where they are probably planning to attempt to roost the night.

Between showers and hail I got out into the garden. The warmth of the sun was lovely on my back. I checked the animals and gave them extra feed. I cleaned the greywater filter and secured a few extra things under the deck. Then I moved the greywater line up the back to have it running into the swales that we have. The pond was full enough and the raised beds wet through, or at least wet enough. So our greywater could be put to use seeping deeper and assisting all that buried material to break down further after the relative inactivity of the summer.


One thought on “Tourist Trap

  1. As a Californian from the coastal region, I am impressed with any weather that is different from or very mild weather. I think that the extremes, or even what is normal for some regions would be fascinating. I am told that Adelaide has a climate comparable to that of San Jose, but I find that hard to believe. Such weather would be too boring for that many Australians.


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